Z100 SM Manual

macchina imbustatrice Z100 SM


Ergonomic, compact, multi-functional. It is mostly suitable for small and medium productions. Z 100 SM offers a packing which fulfills your most demanding expectations. High quality of the sealing, top adherence of polyethylene film to highlight your mattresses, convenience and reduced size are the main features of this machine.

The sealing profiles of last generation are coated with tempcoat, a wonderful anti-adherent material which completely avoids maintenance costs and grants long-lasting performances. Digital control of temperature together with supply of impulsive tension through static relais combined with high performing engines, allow remarkable energy saving and sensible reduction of managing costs. Digital control of temperatures together with supply of impulsive tension through static relais and the coupling with highly performing engines grant a noticeable energy conservation with extremely reduced managing costs.

Z 100 SM is able to store 2 polyethylene bobbins simultaneously, 1 on top and 1 on bottom part. On the front side of the machine there are 4 more supports to lodge additional bobbins for brand stripes or lateral strenghtenings. TThe machine is extremely easy and reliable, the rolling machine placed next to the sealing bar, presses lightly the mattress making the cover perfectly adhere in order to enhance the quality of the fabric or eventually show up posters inside. Z 100 SM machine can be used also to close bags, quilting bags, pillows etc…